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Version Support

Support Matrix

Vapor 3.0 is currently in beta.

Vapor 2.0 is currently active.

Vapor 1.5 is being maintained until November 2017.


Dashed blocks and lines represent the team's goals and are not yet guaranteed. Vapor 3's release and the beginning of Vapor 2's maintenance phase have not yet been decided.


All packages in the Vapor GitHub are maintained according to the following rules.


While a version is active, reported security issues and bugs are fixed.

Additionally, new features and optimizations may be added. If new API is added, the minor version number will be incremented. At no point can existing API be removed or broken during an active version. Semver is strictly followed and tested.


When a new version of Vapor is released, the previous version will enter a maintenance phase which lasts for six months. During this phase, critical security issues and bugs will be fixed. No new features will be added.


Only the latest minor version will be maintained.


The master branch is the latest development version of Vapor and is constantly changing. Before a new version of Vapor is released, there may be unstable alpha and beta phases in which you are welcome to test and provide feedback on the changes.


All packages in the Vapor Community GitHub are maintained in strict accordance of semver. Violations of semver should be reported as issues to the offending package's GitHub page.