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Views return HTML data from your application. They can be created from pure HTML documents or passed through renderers such as Leaf.

Views Directory

Views are stored in Resources/Views. They are created by calling the view method on Droplet.


Returning HTML, or any other non-rendered document, is simple. Just use the path of the document relative to the views directory.

drop.get("html") { request in
    return try drop.view.make("index.html")


Templated documents like Leaf can take a Context.

drop.get("template") { request in
    return try drop.view.make("welcome", [
        "message": "Hello, world!"

This context will be rendered in the view dynamically based on the ViewRenderer used.

Public Resources

Any resources that your views need, such as images, styles, and scripts, should be placed in the Public folder at the root of your application.

View Renderer

Any class that conforms to ViewRenderer can be added to our droplet.

import Vapor
import VaporLeaf

let drop = Droplet()

drop.view = LeafRenderer(viewsDir: drop.viewsDir)

Available Renderers

Search GitHub for Vapor view providers that can be added to your application.