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Welcome to the Vapor Documentation! Vapor is a web framework for Swift, allowing you to write backends, web apps APIs and HTTP servers in Swift. Vapor is written in Swift, which is a modern, powerful and safe language providing a number of benefits over the more traditional server languages.

Getting Started

If this is your first time using Vapor, head to Install → macOS to install Swift and Vapor.

Once you have Vapor installed, check out Getting Started → Hello, world to create your first Vapor app!

Other Sources

Here are some other great places to find information about Vapor.

name description link
Vapor Discord Chat with thousands of Vapor developers. visit →
API docs Auto-generated documentation from code comments. visit →
Stack Overflow Ask and answer questions with the vapor tag. visit →
Swift Forums Post in Vapor's section of the forums. visit →
Source Code Learn how Vapor works under the hood. visit →
GitHub Issues Report bugs or request features on GitHub. visit →

Old Documentation

Documentation for deprecated versions of Vapor that are now end-of-life can be found at


The Vapor Core Team, and the hundreds of members of the Vapor community.