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The bits package is included in Vapor by default and provides a convenient API for working with bytes.


The bits package provides two type-aliases for bytes.

typealias Byte = UInt8
typealias Bytes = [Byte]


It's quite often that we want to convert objects to and from byte arrays when we're working. The BytesConvertible helps define objects that have these capabilities. This is implemented already on most objects in Vapor that can/should be converted to and from byte arrays.

let hello = String(bytes: [72, 101, 108, 108, 111])
let bytes = hello.makeBytes() 


Converting from bytes to string using the UTF-8 encoding is easy.

let bytes = "hello".makeBytes()
let string = bytes.makeString()
print(string) // "hello"


The upper and lowercase latin alphabet and some additional control characters are statically typed on the Byte.

let bytes: Bytes = [.h, .e, .l, .l, .o]
print(bytes.makeString()) // "hello"

This makes byte manipulation and comparison easy and is useful for building things like parsers and serializers.

let byte: Byte = 65
if byte == .A {
    print("found A!")