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Fluent 3.0 is still in beta. Some documentation may be missing or out of date.

Getting Started with Fluent

Fluent (vapor/fluent) is a type-safe, fast, and easy-to-use ORM framework built for Swift. It takes advantage of Swift's strong type system to provide an elegant foundation for building database integrations.


Fluent is just a framework for building ORMs, not an ORM itself. To get started using Fluent, pick one of the databases below.

database library driver guide
PostgreSQL vapor/postgresql vapor/fluent-postgresql Getting Started →
MySQL vapor/mysql vapor/fluent-mysql Getting Started →
SQLite vapor/sqlite vapor/fluent-sqlite Getting Started →

After you get started, come back to the other sections in this guide for a more in-depth look at Fluent's features.


You can also search GitHub for the tag fluent-database for a full list of official and third-party Fluent databases.