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Install on Linux

To use Vapor, you will need Swift 5.6 or greater. This can be installed using the toolchains available on

Supported Distributions and Versions

Vapor supports the same versions of Linux distributions that Swift 5.6 or newer versions supports.


The supported versions listed below may be outdated at any time. You can check which operating systems are officially supported on the Swift Releases page.

Distribution Version Swift Version
Ubuntu 20.04 >= 5.6
Fedora >= 30 >= 5.6
CentOS 8 >= 5.6
Amazon Linux 2 >= 5.6

Linux distributions not officially supported may also run Swift by compiling the source code, but Vapor cannot prove stability. Learn more about compiling Swift from the Swift repo.

Install Swift

Visit's Using Downloads guide for instructions on how to install Swift on Linux.


Fedora users can simply use the following command to install Swift:

sudo dnf install swift-lang

If you're using Fedora 30, you'll need to add EPEL 8 to get Swift 5.6 or newer versions.


You can also use Swift's official Docker images which come with the compiler preinstalled. Learn more at Swift's Docker Hub.

Install Toolbox

Now that you have Swift installed, let's install the Vapor Toolbox. This CLI tool is not required to use Vapor, but it includes helpful utilities.

On Linux, you will need to build the toolbox from source. View the toolbox's releases on GitHub to find the latest version.

git clone
cd toolbox
git checkout <desired version>
make install

Double check the installation was successful by printing help.

vapor --help

You should see a list of available commands.


After you have installed Swift, create your first app in Getting Started → Hello, world.